AORC lite Beta Soon to Come

19 08 2009

Hey, I know it’s been a long time! But I’ve come together with a lite version of AORC 2.0. There are still many area’s in the code which need to be more stablized to avoid any possible bugs. The live game cam is fully coded, but is being implemented into the program. There are a few glitches here and there. I’ll put up a public beta release this week.


AORC 2.0 Beta Released

6 02 2009

I recently had a request for AORC 2.0 beta, and I thought “what the heck”. Might as well release the free beta. Download from Via RapidShare server below:

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Please once you’ve downloaded it, review the contents of the Readme. It contains installation instructions and gives information on how to make bug reports of the program.

The next release will hopefully be on March 09.

Information about beta release via quote:

I’m coding an in-game live streaming camera that locks onto your character in 3rd person after you have logged in. This will allow you to view anything happening around your character. Note: You will not be allowed to move your character though. Although you will have the option to enable the in-game live streaming camera, or disable it. Also, another neat function I’m adding is a location “checker”. So when your logged in you can check to see what your location is. AORC will give you your in-game coordinates, city, and server. There are still a few bugs to fix…

AORC 2.0 does NOT violate the Funcom/Anarchy-Online EULA in any way possible.

Enjoy the beta in the mean time, and please report any bugs. Feel free to post any questions, comments, or concerns.

Welcome to the offical site of AORC!

23 09 2008

Yes, after such a long time I have decided to open a wordpress page for AORC. Just to give you a brief description. Anarchy Online Relay Chat, commonly referred as AORC is a chat client that allows you to connect to the public chat servers in Anarchy Online that your character is associated with. This allows you to participate in any public channels without you actually being in the game. Currently version is the working version.

If you are interested in downloading AORC v., please use the link below to download from my external hosting mirror: